Warticide Review.

About Warticide Remover.

Warticide wart removerWarticide is one of the best rated wart removers, which comes in a form of a topical solution. It can be purchased over the counter, hence you will not even need a prescription from your healthcare provider. It includes Salicylic Acid as the main active ingredient. Formulation of this topical solution consists of some additional oils too. These oils work effectively for this condition and are beneficial for the skin.

According to manufacturer of this product it is one of the fastest wart removers available and results can be seen in as little as two days. Nevertheless in order to fully elimate a wart from your skin, it might be necessary to apply Warticide solution for at least a few weeks.

It can work on all types of warts that are caused by HPV. This also includes warts in the genital area. However it is important to mention that you should first consult with your doctor before using any OTC treatment if you have these kinds of warts.

Official page –> Warticide.com

The Main Benefits:

  • The formulation of Warticide consists of FDA approved ingredient for removing warts. This means that it is both safe and effective remover for this codition;
  • There are also two additional ingredients in formulation of this wart remover. Both Tea Tree Oil and Cedar Leaf Oil have some properties that can help to get rid of warts even quicker;
  • Warticide is a fast acting wart remover. According to manufacturer, users can expect results within just a couple days of usage. Of course, full removal of wart and skin healing can take at least a few weeks;
  • This wart remover is made in the FDA approved laboratory in USA. Hence users can be sure that the product is made in accordance to all safety and quality requirements;
  • Free bottles of Wartricide are available for more advanced packages;
  • Warticide product comes with money back guarantee (60 days).

List of Ingredients.

There are a total of three ingredients included in the formulation of Warticide. One of these ingredients is active (Salicylic Acid) while the other thwo are inactive (Cedar Leaf Oil and Tea Tree Oil). It is quite clear why these ingredients were chosen to be included in formulation. They are all well researched and actually proven to work effectively for treating warts. In fact you can find quite a lot of testimonials online claiming that usage of these components alone helped to get rid of warts. So a combination of all these components in one wart remover should definitely provide users with even faster results.

Active ingredient:

  • Salicylic Acid (10%). This ingredient is one of the few FDA approved ingredients for treating warts. It works by softening the skin layers of a wart, which allows removing it far easier later. Additionally by constantly irritating a wart with Salicylic acid can help to trigger immune system to act. As a result, your immune system will be more likely to fight HPV. This in turn will help to eliminate the cause of this condition and avoid appearance of additional warts in the future.

Inactive ingredients:

  • Tea Tree Oil. This oil is a very popular remedy for fighting various viruses, bacteria and even fungus. What makes it effective oil for all these uses is the fact that it has antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial features.
  • Cedar Leaf Oil. This component has some chemicals that work effectively to fight virues. For this reason it is commonly used natural oil for skin conditions like warts.

How Does it Work?

When Wartrin is applied directly on affected area, active ingredients in the solution work by attacking the root of warts. As a result within a few days of usage of this product, warts will first turn to white color then to black and finally will fall off completely.

One quite commonly asked question about Warticide and similar solutions is whether warts can return after treatment. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. By removing individual warts you will not eliminate the cause of warts – HPV. Hence there is a chance that new warts can appear later on. Nevertheless treating warts once they become visible is essential, because it will minimize the chances that they will spread and create additional ones later on.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The natural formulation of this wart remover helps to ensure that there are no severe side effects associated with usage of this product. When Warticide is used in accordance to instructions, the risk of unwanted side effects is low.

The product is a topical solution, hence it should only be used externally. The manufacturer also doesn’t recommend using Warticide on children who are younger than 2 years. If the product causes irritation of the skin or you don’t notice any improvement within 4 weeks, you should stop the usage of Warticide.

What User Reviews Say?

Warticide remover is available to purchase for a while now. Hence the number of reviews that you can find online is quite large. Despite that it can be said that this OTC wart treatment has one of the best selected formulations and for this reason many people choose to try it. Read a few consumer reviews of Warticide bellow.

Warticide user testimonials

For more user reviews of Warticide, visit official page here.

Instruction on How to Use It.

The usage of Warticide is quite simple and it won’t require too much time from your part. You will need to apply the solution on the wart twice per day (idealy once in the morning and once in the evening). Each bottle of Warticide has dropper tip cap, which is very convenient for application. It will allow you to apply needed Warticide quantity on the wart without uneccessary mess.

Each bottle of this wart remover has 30 ml of topical solution. The dropper in the bottle holds around 1 ml of Warticide, hence it will be enough for around 15 days of treatment. Based on manufacturer this time frame is sufficient for removing most warts from the skin.

Where to Buy Warticide?

buy Warticide onlineIn case you have already decided to try Warticide for wart removal you can buy it on the official website online. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible buy it neither in local stores nor on popular online websites like Amazon or eBay.

There are fhree different offers of Warticide available on official manufacturer page. You should choose the right package for you depending on how many warts you have and also considering your budget. You can find a full list of these offers bellow:

  • 1 bottle – $39.95;
  • 3 bottles – $79.90 (1 bottle for free offer);
  • 5 bottles – $119.95 (2 bottles for free offer);

Official site –> Warticide.com

Shipping of Warticide product is available both domestically (USA) and internationally (worldwide). Due to this you can buy it in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and etc. Packages are being sent via Fedex (express) or USPS delivery options. You should also know that your package will arrive in discreate packaging. So you don’t need to worry about others finding out about the contents of the package.

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