Vigorelle Cream review.

What is Vigorelle and how does it work?

Vigorelle CreamVigorelle is libido enhancer cream, which is specifically designed for women who want to get the most out of their sexual life. It can be a great product for all women who have difficulty reaching orgasm or can’t enjoy sex fully due to dryness of vagina.

This product has been already available for a couple of years so there are a lot of women who tried it and had great results with it. Also this product is endorsed by a few well-known doctors, which only further increases Vigorelle reliability. One of the biggest benefits of Vigorelle is that active ingredients in this cream start working immediately once it is applied on clitoral and vaginal area. So you will not need to wait hours and can start enjoying results the minute you apply this cream.

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What ingredients are included?

The formulation of Vigorelle consists of 7 main ingredients. All of these components are natural and they were selected to be included for their aphrodisiac, hormonal balancing, muscle relaxing and blood circulation boosting properties.

  • Gingko Biloba. This component works by enhancing oxygenation and blood circulation in the genital area. Additionally it contains high levels of antioxidants so it can work effectively against free radical damage.
  • L-Arginine HCI is an amino acid that can help to enhance blood circulation to the area and also repair damaged tissues.
  • Suma Root is effective ingredient for balancing hormones. Furthermore it can help to boost immune system, provide you with more antioxidants and minimize toxicity in the whole body.
  • Wild Yam works by stimulating and balancing the production of human hormone. This hormone is essential since it can increase your energy and stamina levels and also enhance sex drive.
  • Damiana Leaf. This ingredient has aphrodisiac properties and it is also quite commonly used for reducing dryness of vagina.
  • Peppermint Leaf works by boosting lubrication of the area and also it promotes absorption of other ingredients.
  • Vitamin A, C and E complex. All these vitamins and antioxidants are included for their ability to maintain healthy tissues and also to enchase circulation in the whole body.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Active ingredients in the cream reduces dryness of vagina by stimulating your body’s lubrication;
  • Quite a lot of components in this product works by boosting blood circulation to the area, which will enchase sexual arousal;
  • Since it comes in a form of cream and it is applied directly on the vaginal area you will be able to notice instant results. Also according to manufacturer after you will use it for a couple times it will provide you with even better results;
  • Only 100% natural ingredients included in the cream so you do not need to worry about side effects;
  • The cream is non greasy and it also has a great smell (mint);
  • More advanced packages of this cream come with a bonus pump, which makes dispensing easier;
  • This cream has 67 days money back guarantee from manufacturer.

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

According to manufacturer, Vigorelle is safe to use by all women and it will not cause any side effects. This is because it only contains safe components in formulation, which are all natural and come in carefully selected dosages. Also there doesn’t seem to be any reports or complaints in terms of side effects from consumers too, which is good indication that this cream is safe to use.

In case you are afraid that this cream might cause side effects then you should try to test it first. A simple way to do it would be to apply a small amount of Vigorelle on your arm. If the skin will not become irritated you can apply a cream on vaginal area without any worries.

What do Consumer Reviews Say?

Due to the fact that there are not many consumer reviews of this cream available online it is quite difficult to evaluate how well it works for women. From reviews that you can find it can be said that testimonials are mostly positive, but it doesn’t work 100%. Read a few consumer reviews of Vigorelle bellow.

Review #1: This feels good, I recommend this, make you feel more sensitive and that increase the desire… is great for girls.

Review #2: I noticed a cold feeling, but nothing else. Has a strong almost minty or medicated smell to it as well.

Review #3: Every woman should try this. Increases clitoral stimulation…Amazing product. Will buy again for sure when I run out.

Want to read more reviews of Vigorelle cream? You can find them on official page here.

How to use it?

The usage of this cream is quite simple and best of all it starts to work within a minute or two once you apply it. So you should take a small amount of the cream and apply it on mucus membrane, which is below your clitoris. Then rub it thoroughly until the cream is absorbed. Also you can ask your partner to do it for you, which might give you additional arousal.

Where to buy Vigorelle and what is the price?

Buy Vigorelle OnlineUnfortunately currently it is not possible to buy Vigorelle in local stores and you can only purchase it online. You can find this cream on the official website online or on a few other sites.

When you will visit the official page of Vigorelle you will find a total of five different offers for this product. The more advanced package you will choose to buy the lower the price will get per month and also there are some free bonuses included too. For instance one month supply is priced at $59.95 and three month supply at $154.95 (save ~$25).

Also it should be mentioned that when you order directly from manufacturer the cream can be shipped internationally. So you can easily order Vigorelle if you live in Australia, UK, France, Canada, NZ and many other countries.

Visit the official page of Vigorelle.