Funginix review.

By | December 4, 2014

What is Funginix?Funginix-treatment

Funginix is one of the best rated (by reviews and user testimonials online) over the counter products for treating nail and toenail fungus. This topical solution is combined from strong anti-fungal agent (Undecylenic Acid 10%) as well as extracts and essential oils that are known to have fungus fighting properties. As with any OTC treatment for this condition it is recommended to use this solution for up to 6 months, since nail fungus is a condition that might reoccur if not treated fully. Using Funginix for this period of time will ensure that fungus infection is eliminated from affected area completely and then a new and healthy nail can grow.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of Funginix consists of one active ingredient – Undecylenic Acid. It can be said that this component is well-researched in terms of effectiveness and it is even approved by FDA for treatment of fungus related conditions. Based on research this Acid has strong anti-fungal properties and it doesn’t allow for fungus to grow. Solutions that contain Undecylenic Acid are also known to be effective in minimizing symptoms like irritation, burning sensation as well as itching.

It is also worthwhile to mention that Funginix contains many inactive ingredients too. Some of these ingredients are Camphor, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Juice, Menthol, Vitamin E and many others. If you will do a short research you will find that Lavender Oil, Camphor and Tea Tree Oil are popular home remedies for treating nail fungus infection. Users who use these essential oils tend to get quite good results so it can be said that using a product like Funginix, which combines so many anti-fungal agents in one topical solution, can help you get even better and faster results.

Does this treatment actually work or is it a Scam?

Since Funginix is quite a popular OTC product for treating nail fungus, there is quite a lot of opinions whether it is a scam or not. In our opinion this topical solution is definitely not a scam and there are a few reasons to support this point. First of all, Funginix contains FDA approved ingredient for treating nail fungus infection. This means that effectiveness of the main ingredient in this product is backed up by research. Also formulation of this treatment consists of other ingredients like Camphor, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and many others. Just by doing a short research online you can find out that all of these mentioned components have anti-fungal properties and are even used as home remedies to fight nail fungus infection separately. So by using a product like Funginix, which combines all these mentioned components in one solution you can definitely get faster and better results. Secord of all, effectiveness of Funginix for fighting nail fungus infection is backed up by many user testimonials online, so you can be sure that this product actually works for most people.

So if you are looking for the best OTC treatment for toenail fungus, Funginix should definitely be at a top list of your choices. This is because it has very well-selected list of ingredients, a lot of user testimonials confirm that it works with high success rate and it is a bit cheaper than compared with most other OTC products for this conditions.

What are The Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • The formulation of this OTC treatment contain Undecylenic Acid, which is approved ingredient for fighting nail fungus by FDA;
  • Funginix also includes a lot of additional ingredients like Camphor, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and etc. that are all known to be effective against this condition. So as whole it can be said that this OTC treatment has well-selected formulation for fighting nail fungus;
  • Based on consumer reviews, it can be said that Funginix has one of the highest success rates than compared with similar OTC products for toenail fungus;
  • First results of using Funginix are usually visible within just a couple of weeks; however you will need to use this treatment for a bit longer in order to completely get rid of nail fungus infection;
  • It is very easy and convenient to apply this treatment on your nails since each bottle comes with topical brush. It is also worthwhile to mention that it is enough to apply this treatment two times per day, so even busy people can find a time to use this product;
  • You shouldn’t worry about safety of using Funginix, since it is completely natural product with no known side effects. Based on manufacturer provided information it is even safe to use this solution while being pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • You do not need to get prescription from doctor in order to buy Funginix since it is over the counter product;
  • This product has one of the most competitive prices ($49.95 for one bottle) then compared with similar OTC treatments and there are huge savings available when buying more than one bottle of Funginix;
  • Funginix is risk free product for 60 days, since it comes with money back guarantee;

The Main Cons:

  • At the moment it is not possible to buy this OTC treatment in local stores (Walgreens, Walmart and etc.), so you can only order Funginix online;
  • Just like any OTC treatment for toenail fungus, Funginix doesn’t work with 100% success rate and it requires time to see results;

What do user testimonials say?

In general it can be said that Funginix has very positive feedback from its users. Based on consumer testimonials, this OTC treatment works with very high success rate and also reasonably fast. In most cases users of Funginix start to notice improvement in their nail appearance in just a couple of weeks and within a few month of usage they are able to eliminate fungus infection completely. Read a couple of consumer reviews of Funginix topical solution bellow.


If you are interested in reading more user reviews of Funginix, visit the official site here.

Where to buy Funginix?

In case you are wondering whether it is possible to buy Funginix in local stores like Walgreens or Walmart, the answer is no. Just like most OTC treatments for nail fungus this topical solution can be only purchased online. One of the best places to buy Funginix is directly from manufacturer of this product. Ordering this product directly from official website will ensure that you will get the highest quality product (as advertised) and with all the guarantees (60 days money back guarantee). You should also know that manufacturer of Funginix offers international shipping so you can buy this treatment if you live in Australia, UK, Canada, NZ and most other countries.

Visit the official Funginix site online.

What is the Price?

where-to-buy-funginixWhen it comes to price there are 3 main offers that you can find at the official page of Funginix. One bottle of this OTC treatment is priced at $49.95; however you can greatly reduce the price of this topical solution buy ordering more advanced packages. One of the most popular packages of Funginix includes three bottles of this solution and is priced at $99.95 (1 bottle for free). There is also 5 bottles package offer available, which is priced at $139.95 (2 bottles for free). Since nail fungus infection is a condition, which requires time to be completely cured it is definitely a good idea to consider buying at least three month supply of Funginix.

It is also worthwhile to mention that manufacturer of this topical solution offers some additional products that can help you take care of your nails better. These include Cuticle Oil, Nail Protein Supplement and Nail Care Kit. You can buy these mentioned products in combination with Funginix treatment or separately.