Dalinex review.

What is Dalinex and how does it work?

Dalinex solution for HerpesDalinex is a popular and well-rated OTC product that is mostly aimed at minimizing occurrences of herpes outbreaks (oral or genital). Proprietary blend of natural herbal extracts in Dalinex work in combination to reduce frequency and severity of herpes flare-ups. In addition to that ingredients in this liquid extract can enhance your immune system and boost your energy levels. All these mentioned benefits are achieved by well selected ingredients in OTC treatment.

Since all the components in Dalinex are natural, this product is completely safe and can be either used either in the long term or only when you have outbreaks. One of the biggest benefits of this OTC treatment is that it is taken orally so you do not need to apply no messy gel near your mouth or genital area. Also since it comes in a liquid form it is absorbed by your body almost instantly and you can see improvement in your condition almost instantly.

Official site –> Dalinex.com

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of Dalinex consists of 8 main ingredients. It is worthwhile to mention that ingredients like L-Lysine, Olive Leaf, Lemon Balm, Echinacea and others are proven to work effectively to minimize outbreaks individually so as a whole Dalinex should provide users with even better results. Bellow you can find a full list of ingredients included in Dalinex and a short explanation why it is beneficial for this condition.

  • Pelargonium (Geranium). It is an essential oil that is used to treat various skin related issues and it has anti-viral, anti-fungal and also anti-bacterial properties. Topical application of this oil can help to eliminate and prevent stretch marks and scarring.
  • St. John’s Wort. The main reason why this component is included is because it has anti-viral properties and also it can help to speed up skin healing when you have an outbreak.
  • Olive Leaf. One of the main reasons why this ingredient was included in Dalinex is because it has strong anti-viral features. Based on research, Calcium Elenolate and Elenolic Acid found in this leaf works effectively to suppress HS-1 and HS-2 viruses.
  • Lemon Balm. This ingredient contains various phytochemicals and tannins that have strong anti-viral properties. Lemon Balm is known to be specifically effective for viruses that cause conditions like herpes and mumps.
  • L-Lysine. Quite a lot of studies suggest that this amino acid can help to suppress herpes virus, which in turn can be beneficial in preventing outbreaks and shortening the length of flare-ups.
  • Vitamin A. Sufficient levels of this vitamin are essential for having strong immune system, so it can be said that Vitamin A can be beneficial for herpes treatment.
  • Echinacea. It is thought that extract from this plant has the capacity to enhance immune system, so that you would be able to fight herpes virus more efficiently.
  • Licorice Extract. This component might be advantageous for herpes in two ways. First of all, it contains a compound called Glycyrrhizin, which has anti-inflammatory features so it can help to ease discomfort and swelling while having an outbreak. Second of all, Licorice Extract includes flavonoids that might help to suppress the growth of herpes virus, which in turn will minimize the chance of flare-ups.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Since most of individual ingredients in OTC treatment are proven to work well for HSV virus, a combination of them in one product should provide users with faster and even better results;
  • Based on manufacturer provided information, Dalinex can work effectively to minimize frequency of flare ups as well as minimize the symptoms like pain and discomfort during herpes outbreak;
  • It can work equally well for oral and genital herpes outbreaks;
  • Due to the fact that Dalinex comes in a liquid form it is absorbed by your body fast and you can expect faster results when compared to supplements;
  • Since this liquid extract is consumed orally without applying it directly on affected area it is less messy and you can be sure that not a single drop will go to waste;
  • Since all ingredients in Dalinex are organic this product is safe to use even in the long term;
  • The company that makes Dalinex doesn’t make any unrealistic claims that their product can “cure herpes” or “completely eliminate flare-ups”;
  • Dalinex comes with 60 money back guarantee (no-questions asked) so you can get a refund in case it will not work for you;

Are there any Side Effects?

In general usage of Dalinex is completely safe and there is very little risk that it might cause any unwanted side effects. This mainly due to the fact that there are only organic and natural ingredients included in this OTC treatment. Also, based on manufacturer provided information, Dalinex can be used in the long term to enhance immune system and it will not cause any dangers to your health.

Despite the fact that it is side effects free product, Dalinex should not be used by women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, as with any product, it might be worthwhile to check a complete list of ingredients included in this product and make sure that you didn’t have allergies to any of them previously.

How to use it?

The usage of this product is quite simple since it is taken orally. All you have to do is fill a dropper with Dalinex liquid, squeeze it in your mouth and then swallow it. It is recommended to take Dalinex one time in the morning and one time in the evening.

In case you don’t like the taste of the liquid you can also mix it with some juice or water and take it this way. Also it is best to take this liquid after you have eaten since taking it on an empty stomach might cause some mild side effects like nausea.

Where to buy Dalinex and what is the price?

In case you have already decided to try Dalinex you can easily buy it at the official website. At the moment this OTC treatment is not available in local stores so you can only order it online. When you will visit the official page of Dalinex you will find three different offers:Where to buy Dalinex

  • 1 bottle – $49.95;
  • 3 bottles – $99.90;
  • 5 bottles – $149.85.

Visit the official page of Dalinex.

Since herpes is a recurring condition, it might be worthwhile to consider ordering at least 3 bottles of this solution. Not only you will be able to get better price, but you will be better prepared for the next outbreak.

In case you want to use this liquid extract as a dietary supplement it might be a good idea to consider buying at least three month supply and save some money in the long term. It is also worthwhile to mention that shipping is available worldwide (UK, Australia, Canada and etc.) so you can buy Dalinex no matter where you live.