Bowtrol review.

What is Bowtrol and How Does it Work?

Bowtrol Control ProductThere are various factors that might disturb your digestive function. These factors can be a unhealthy diet, aging, travelling, stress and etc. Bowtrol is an all-natural herbal colon cleansing treatment that can help you safely relieve constipation and improve your colon health in general. Bowtrol contains about 9 billion probiotic cells, which are known to be effective in promoting healthy digestive flora and supporting digestion. In addition to these benefits Bowtrol can help you increase your energy levels, boost immune system and even lose some weight. This product is manufactured by the Natural Products Association, which is quite well-known and reputable company for its various health and beauty products.

One study in 2009, which was conducted by Global Clinical, showed that this colon cleanser was able to relieve constipation safely. Bowtrol was tolerated well during 14 days study by participants; therefore it can be said that it is effective and most importantly safe product to use.

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What Ingredients are Included in Bowtrol?

In order to better understand how Bowtrol work it is important to research what ingredients are included in the treatment. Bellow you can find a list of main ingredients and how they assist in relieving constipation and improving your colon health.

  • Bowtrol list of ingredientsChinese Rhubarb Root. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine mostly as a laxative. It contains powerful laxative compounds, which irritate the colon and stimulate bowel movements.
  • Cascara Sagrada Bark. It is recognized to be safe and effective ingredient by the FDA. It works by stimulating food from moving through the digestive system much faster.
  • Bentonine Clay. This ingredient has strong cleansing properties and is quite a popular component in some detoxification programs. It is commonly used by people to address symptoms of constipation like gas and bloating.
  • Cape Aloe. This ingredient is native to Africa and has natural colon cleanse benefits. It is considered to be one of the strongest of the colon stimulating herbs.
  • Flax Seeds. They are a good source of fiber and quite commonly used to promote overall health during contemporary diets.
  • Senna. This leaf is accepted as a stool softener and a short-term treatment for constipation in various countries like USA, Germany and etc.
  • Slippery Elm Bark. It was used by Native Americans to treat diarrhea and these days it is used to soothe colon.
  • Wormwood. It is one of the best herbs that can help to get rid of parasites.
  • Peppermint Leaf. It contains iron, vitamin A & C, fiber and potassium, and it’s a low calorie additive and it can be effective in relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • And other ingredients.

So as you can see all ingredients included in Bowtrol were chosen not without a reason. All of them have some benefits to your colon cleanse; therefore it is quite clear why this product can be effective in relieving constipation and improving your colon health in general.

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

Due to the fact that Bowtrol includes only natural herbal ingredients the risk of severe side effects is very low. The study that was performed a few years ago also didn’t show any side effects on participants. So it can be considered a safe product to use; however I would still advice to check the list of ingredients. In case you have an allergic reaction to any of them it might be a good idea to consult with a doctor prior to use.

As the label of this product states this colon cleansing treatment shouldn’t be used by people who have diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain. This is because some ingredients in Bowtrol such as Cape Aloe, Chinese Rhubarb Root Pwd., Senna and etc. might worsen these conditions or have more negative effects to your health.

Also pregnant, nursing women or people who have or used to have problems with kidney or are currently taking any medication should consult with doctor prior to using Bowtrol.

What do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

Before deciding if a particular product can be effective and work for you it’s always a good idea to find as many reviews as possible. Read a few reviews from actual users of Bowtrol colon cleanse bellow.

Review #1: This is a great product and it works better than all I have tried… It is effective at the recommended dosage and can be used daily. The price may be a bit high but it is the best I have tried.

Reviews #2: Bowtrol works for me. It worked even better when was heavier. I have problems going to the restroom and it is a natural way to keep me regular.

Reviews #3: Best product available for clearing the bowels with no lingering affect. Cannot go, constipated, take two or three capsule, wait 4 to 6 hours and your issues will be gone.

Want to read more reviews of Bowtrol? Then visit the official website here.

How to Use it?

The recommended dosage of Bowtrol is from 3 to 5 pills per day. In the beginning it might be a good idea to start with just three pills before bed and see how your body will react to it. If your body’s reaction is good, increase the dosage until desired results are achieved. This dosage of Bowtrol should cause on average 2-3 bowel movements per day.

Where to buy Bowtrol for the Best Price?

Order Bowtrol SupplementThis colon cleanse is not something new, so you might find it available on various websites. But before you buy, you should know that there might be imitations of this product and in order to get the original Bowtrol with all the guarantees you should only consider buying it from the official website. This way you will be sure that you will receive a quality product as advertised. The company itself claims that original product can only be bought directly from official website, so it’s better be safe than sorry.

You can buy one month supply of Bowtrol for a price of $39.95. There are a few better offers if you will decide to buy multiple bottles. For instance three bottles are priced at $99.90 (save ~$20) and you can buy six bottles for a price of $159.95. So basically the more bottles you will buy the cheaper the price will get. Also the company offers 90 days money back guarantee so you can be sure about your purchase.

Visit the official page of Bowtrol to find out more.