Best OTC Wart Removers in 2022.

Due to the fact that warts are a common skin condition that many people face there are also quite a lot of products that are aimed at removing them. One of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get rid of warts is to try one of available over the counter removers. They are less expensive when cryotherapy (freezing) or laser treatment and you do not even need a prescription from your doctor in order to buy them.

One of the most important factors to look at when choosing an effective OTC product for wart removal is product formulation. Since one of the most researched ingredients for this condition is Salicylic Acid it might be a good idea to choose a product that includes it in formulation. Bellow you can find a list of some of the best rated OTC products for removing warts. We listed these removers based on their formulations, user feedback, price, manufacturer reputation and other criteria.

#1. Recommended Wart Remover – Wartrol.

Wartrol RemoverWartrol is one of the most popular OVC products that are available for wart treatment. The reason why we listed it in the first place is because both reviews and user feedback are quite positive about this product. Also it was introduced many years ago so it can be said that it is more reliable.

Also it is important to mention that the formulation of Wartrol was changed significantly from when it was first released. The new formula includes clinically tested ingredients that are applied directly on wart and therefore are more effective. The active ingredient in Wartrol (Salicylic Acid) works by triggering a process called keratolysis. What it means is that Wartrol starts to act on skin layers that are affected by HPV. As a result the virus will weaken and wart will start to shred until it totally disappears. The other ingredients found in Wartrol can speed up removal of warts and others are very beneficial for skin so it will ensure that no scars will be left.

Main Pros:

  • Can be used effectively on plantar, verruca, body and flat warts caused by HPV;
  • Includes Salicylic Acid (17%), which is FDA approved ingredient for treating warts;
  • Easy to apply, works fast to remove warts and also doesn’t cause side effects;
  • Well rated OTC treatment by both reviews and user testimonials online;
  • The price is quite reasonable ($+49.95 for one bottle) and there are also huge savings on selected packages;
  • This wart remover comes with 90 days money back guarantee.

Main Cons:

  • Wartrol shouldn’t be used on facial & genital area warts;

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#2. Warticide.

Warticide wart removerIt can be said that Warticide has some similarities with Wartrol, which we listed above. Both of these OTC treatments are topical solutions and they contain Salicylic Acid as the main active ingredient. However concentration of Salycilic Acid is lower in Warticide (10% compared to 17% in Wartrol). Manufacturer of this wart remover suggest to use this topical solution for eliminating common and plantar warts. Since the formulation of Warticide contains FDA approved ingredient for treating this condition it is a good indication that it is safe and will work for most people. Other components in this topical solution are completely different from Wartrol (Cedar Leaf Oil and Tea Tree Oil), so it is difficult to tell which of these solutions would work better.


The formulation of Warticide consists of a few different ingredients – Salycilic Acid (10%), Tea Tree Oil, Cedar Leaf Oil and a few other components. All of these ingredients are well researched for their effectiveness in treating warts, so it is definitely worthwhile to consider trying Warticide.

Main Pros:

  • The formulation of Warticide contain Salicylic Acid, which is both effective and safe ingredient for removing warts (FDA approved). Other components like Tea Tree Oil and Cedar Leaf Oil are also known to work well for treating warts so they can further improve effectiveness of Warticide;
  • According to manufacturer of Warticide, it can be used on plantar and common warts;
  • First results of using Warticide can be seen within a couple of days; although application of at least 2 weeks might be necessary in order to completely remove a wart;
  • This wart remover comes together with a dropper, which makes application convenient and less messy;
  • Warticide is reasonably priced (39.95 USD for 1 bottle) and there are extra bottle offers on some packages;
  • Manufacturer of this wart remover offers discreet billing & shipping, so you can be sure that noone will be able to see what’s inside the package;
  • It is only necessary to apply this topical solution on the wart twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening);
  • Warticide product comes with 60 days money back guarantee;

Main Cons:

  • It is one of the newest wart removers, so there are not much independent reviews or testimonials that would either confirm or reject Warticide effectiveness.
  • Warticide can’t be used on warts that appear on face or genital area;

Visit the official page of Warticide.

#3. H-Warts – Recommended for Facial Warts.

H-Warts Formula RomoverH-Warts is a homeopathic remedy, which is formulated from ingredients that can help to remove facial, body, flat, plantar, Subungual, Periungual as well as common warts. One of the biggest benefits of this remover is that it contains only natural ingredients in formulation, without any acids. Due to this it is safe to use H-Warts on children (older than 4 years) and on facial area warts. One of the reasons why we listed this product in the second place is because it is made by a reputable company (Healing Natural Oils), which is around for many years already. So you can be sure that H-Warts contains only the highest quality ingredients and this product will work with high success rate.


The list of ingredients in this homeopathic remedy consists of two active ingredients and a blend of natural oils. The first active ingredient is Thuja Occidentalis (12 C), which has strong anti-bacterial properties and it is quite commonly found in products that are aimed at removing warts. The second active ingredient in H-Warts is Phytolacca Decndra (12 C), which is known to be effective for skin related conditions like moles and warts. The list of natural oils in this remedy consists of Melaleuca Leaf, Occidentalis Leaf as well as Citrus Limon Peel, which are all known to beneficial for wart treatment.

Main Pros:

  • This product can be effectively and safely used to remove plantar, facial, foot, hand and body warts;
  • It can be said that H-Warts is one of the safest wart removers available and it can be even used on facial warts. So you do not need to worry about common side effects like scaring or skin irritation;
  • This wart remover is made by a company (Healing Natural Oils), which is reputable and is around for many years already. Due to this you can be sure about the quality and effectiveness of H-Warts product;
  • It can be said that in general H-Warts has quite positive feedback from users; however just like any product for wart removal it doesn’t seem to be working 100% for all people;
  • Based on consumer reviews and manufacturer provided information this product is able to remove warts within 2-6 week time. However it is possible that more stubborn cases might require even a bit more time;
  • H-Warts is risk free for 90 days since it is backed up by money back guarantee;

Main Cons:

  • Due to homeopathic nature of this OTC product, it might not work as fast as Wartrol or other similar products. Also since formulation of this remedy consists only of homeopathic ingredients it is kind of difficult to evaluate their effectiveness;

Visit the official page of Healing Natural Oils.