5-HTP Max Review.

What is 5 HTP and how does it work?

5 HTP, which is also referred to as 5-Hydroxytryptophan, is a chemical that our bodies make naturally from an amino acid – Tryptophan. We get this amino acid by eating foods like potatoes, milk, turkey and etc. After our body makes 5 HTP it is then converted into another chemical, which is called serotonin. The main function of serotonin in our body is to transmit signals between different brain cells. So when we get more of 5 HTP, our serotonin levels in the body increases. When there is more serotonin in our brains this result in better mood, lower appetite, enhanced quality of sleep, reduced anxiety as well as pain. As it was mentioned previously it is possible to get more of 5 HTP chemical by eating foods that are rich in tryptophan; however usually this has very small impact. The other and more effective way to get more of this chemical is to start taking a supplement containing 5 HTP. Supplements containing this chemical are made from the seeds of a plant, which is Griffonia Simplicifolia. One of the best rated supplements containing this substance is called 5-HTP Max. Since it provides your body with additional 5 HTP chemical it is able to enhance your serotonin levels, which result in enhanced mood, reduced appetite and other benefits.

Does 5 HTP work for Weight Loss?

Even though 5 HTP does not lead to weight loss directly it can in fact help to lose some pounds indirectly. As it was mentioned previously 5 HTP converts to serotonin and this chemical can greatly reduce your appetite. Having higher levels of serotonin in the body will allow you to feel full by eating far less and avoid “emotional eating” since it works effectively to enhance mood too.

The fact that 5 HTP is beneficial for weight loss is actually confirmed by a few studies. The first study tried to investigate whether it is effective for weight loss. Results of the study showed that people who took 5 HTP consumed fewer calories per day when compared to a placebo group. It is also worthwhile to mention that participants of this study didn’t follow any diet plan.

The second study tried to compare effectiveness of 5 HTP for weight loss while dieting and not following any particular diet plan. Results showed that participants who didn’t follow any diet and took 5-HTP, lost on average 2% of their weight and those who followed a diet plan and took 5 HTP lost ~3% of their weight. Participants who didn’t take 5-HTP (placebo group) didn’t lose any weight in this study.

What ingredients are included in 5-HTP Max?

5-HTP-MaxThe only ingredient that is included in the pill of this supplement is pure 5 HTP. It is extracted from the seed of Griffonia Simplicifolia. Each pill contains 50 mg dosage of 5 HTP so by taking three pills per day you would be getting a serving of 150 mg. It is important to mention that most professionals recommend not exceeding 5 HTP dosage higher than 150 mg per day (it is best to take 50 mg dosage three times per day). This is because based on a few studies higher dosages of this substance might be too toxic and lead to some side effects. So by taking three pills of 5-HTP Max per day you would be getting the exact recommended and safe dosage of this substance. In case you are planning to take higher dosage of this substance you should at least consult with your healthcare provider in order to avoid possible negative effects.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Using 5-HTP Max supplement can provide you with the following benefits: appetite suppression, enhanced mood and overall better feeling. There are also some studies suggesting that usage of 5 HTP might be beneficial for treating conditions like depression, insomnia as well as headache;
  • There are no extra ingredients or fillers included in this supplement so you would be getting 5-HTP and nothing else. Also this particular supplement includes recommended dosage of 5 HTP (based on clinical studies) so you can be sure about effectiveness and safety of using this product;
  • Since there are quite a lot of studies done on 5 HTP, it can be said that most claims about benefits of taking a supplement containing this substance are actually confirmed by research;
  • 5-HTP Max is manufactured in laboratory that it is approved by FDA and it is also certified by cGMP, so you do not need to worry about the quality of this supplement;
  • There are no known side effects of taking this supplement, so it can be said that it is a safe way to lose weight as well as improve your mood and overall good feeling;
  • It can be said that 5-HTP Max is quite reasonably priced supplement and you can also greatly reduce the price by buying three or six bottles of this appetite suppressant;
  • 5 HTP Max is risk free for 90 days, since it comes with money back guarantee;

Are there any Side Effects?

One of the biggest benefits of taking this supplement is that it is free from side effects. This is because there are no additional ingredients included in formulation and according to manufacturer there are also no binders or fillers added too. This is a huge benefit since quite commonly weight loss supplements contain different stimulants that lead to serious side effects. Due to this it can be said that 5-HTP Max is both safe and effective way to shed some pounds. The only known side effect of taking supplements containing 5 HTP is that it might cause drowsiness. Even though it is side effects free product, manufacturer of this supplement recommends not using it for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also if you are taking some other medications or have some serious health condition it might be a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider before starting to take 5 HTP Max.

Where to buy 5-HTP Max and what is the price?

In case you have already decided to try 5 HTP Max supplement for weight loss or other benefits that it can provide, you can easily buy this product on the official website online. Please note that this supplement is backed up by money back guarantee so you can be confident to order it from this manufacturer. When you will visit the official page of 5-HTP Max you will find a total of three offers, which are listed below.buy-5-HTP-Max

  • 1 bottle – $39.95;
  • 3 bottles – $79.95 (save ~$40);
  • 6 month supply – $119.95 (save $120).

Since there are huge discounts on multiple bottles it might be worthwhile to consider ordering at least three month supply. It is also worthwhile to mention that shipping for 5 HTP Max is available worldwide so you can buy this supplement if you live in Australia, Canada, UK, Germany and many other countries.

Visit the official site of 5 HTP Max.